Southern Tide

The idea for Southern Tide was born not on the coast of South Carolina where founder, Allen Stephenson spent his summers, but on a trip to Italy where inspiration was at every turn. From historical architecture and couture clothing to high-performance sports cars, he noticed common threads – exceptional craftsmanship, clean lines, fine quality, and classic design. These elements combined with Allen’s heritage became Southern Tide.

Our first product, the Skipjack Polo set a new standard in comfort and fit. We engineered the yarn, fabric, fit, and finish to create a modern version of this classic shirt. Since then, Southern Tide has evolved into an entire collection built on the same high standards as the Skipjack Polo. From our original woven sport shirts, to Channel Marker Khakis with navigational colored button thread, we are meticulous when it comes to detail and quality.

Our way may not be the most conventional, and may take a little longer, but we want our clothing to make you look and feel your best. Superior fit, classic design and comfort are key elements of our effortless style.